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City Life

Minneapolis Is An Amazing City I love my city. Day & night or black & white. Minneapolis.... Read More

Check Out The Great Vegan Butcher: The Herbivorous Butcher

This is my review of my first trip to The Herbivorous Butcher, the first vegan butcher shop in the United States.... Read More

Love Donuts? Glam Doll Donuts You Must Try.

On the heels of my article about the 10 Best Places to Get a Donut in Minneapolis, last week I happened to be relatively close to Glam Doll Donuts in... Read More

The 10 Best Donut Places In Minneapolis

When it comes to donuts (or is that doughnuts), I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth. Too many times when I “needed” to stop to get some... Read More

Boiling Over

The steam is rising. Heat of the city boiling. Smokestacks are crying.... ... Read More

I Feel Small

I miss The City. I’m so close yet I’m so far. Minneapolis... Read More

Need an escape for an dinner? Try the Sanctuary Restaurant.

According to, one of the definitions for sanctuary is "immunity afforded to by refuge in such a place." Such a place where Minneapolis diners are immune to fickle attempts to... Read More

A City Poem – Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet Poetry Prompt is to write a poem about the life in your city or about the city itself. For example, I live in a suburb of... Read More