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Day 4: NaPoWriMo – The Cruelest Month

A Month To Forget I cannot lie, I hate the month of July. She was the month I was born She is the month that I’m torn. As thirty-one days of... Read More

Day 3: NaPoWriMo – A Fan Letter

The Purloined Letter Dearest Mr. Poe, This morning, The Black Cat, the one that had The Premature Burial, presented An Engima. At first, I thought it was The Angel of The... Read More

A Plush Carpet

A blanket of snow. My memories carpeted. Fall leaves discovered. This haiku was in response to the Baffled Haiku Challenge on Twitter where the challenge word of the day is... Read More

Day 1: NaPoWriMo – A Lune Poem

An Apple A Day Keeps Bad Thoughts At Bay I seek to nibble Bits, bites, bytes On a Macintosh. I dream of her juice Delicious Smells of Ambrosia. My forbidden... Read More

Sip The Day Away

I’ve Spring in my sip. I stop to smell the coffee. Sip sliding away.... Read More

Breath It All In

In the woods alone. There’s no forest just the trees. Four deep breathed swallows.... Read More

Erase Yourself

Erase your ease and your comfort. Life is not always pink roses.... Read More

Dear You: A Love Letter

Dear You, You don’t believe me when I say, “You are a beautiful person.” You don’t see the smiles each day You bring to all those around You. You don’t... Read More

The Path of Righteousness

The fork, spoon feeding knife-like sharp words. Cutting a new path for today.... Read More

My Fears Pushed Below

Below are my fears so far away. I push them down inside my mind.... Read More