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From Homies to Brony

I never thought I’d be in a gang. You see I was never too cool To hang with the right group in school. There were the jocks with their smelly... Read More

Day 15: NaPoWriMo – I Would Di For You

I Would Di For You We should give it a try and let us roll the di. You should roll one for me and one for you, so we could di... Read More

Day 14: NaPoWriMo – My Thoughts Swing

My Thoughts Swing Higher and higher I fly on life’s swing Not playing well in the silicate box. My thoughts come crashing down to the soft ground I ponder life... Read More

Day 13: NaPoWriMo – Revenge

I have never quite understood the phrase “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” as the warmth of blood provides the happiness of a silent steak dinner after he’s bludgeoned... Read More

Day 11: NaPoWriMo – The Traffic Jam

On my pathed commute I hear honking. I stay in my my lane Flipping the bird A literary morsel. I’m passed by two Canadian geese. For Day 11 of National... Read More

Day 9: NaPoWriMo – What’s Your Name?

I always dreaded morning role call. “Mike,” asked the substitute teacher. “Here,” bellowed the pre-pubescent boy. “Beth,” said the monotone teacher. “Present,” giggled the ten year-old girl. “Clarence,” smirked the... Read More

Day 8: NaPoWriMo – The Iris

Bewildered iris. Rather epithelial. The eyes can’t smell fear. The prompt for Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month was to write a poem about a flower. As I always love... Read More

Day 7: NaPoWriMo – Tritina For The Ox

The Ox I awoke this morning stretching like an elongated eel. Looking in the mirror, I saw a former strong ox. Broken down, I felt miserable. Why do I wake up... Read More

Day 6: NaPoWriMo – I Have A Bone To Pick

My Beef Grief For one year you did lay dormant, silvery skin unexposed against frozen bones broken by a blade. Unwrapping you from your protective ice, I eased your temperament... Read More