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Unearthing Yourself

Sometimes we regress. Dig yourself out of a hole. Wisdom unearthing.... Read More

Your Skipper

I’m your rock, skip skip skipping, across waterfall tears of tidal emotions.... Read More

A Zebra’s Stripes: An Abecedarian Poem

A is for Apple But not for Macintosh, but the apple that’s Crunchy, juicy and Delicious. E is for Elephant, the one I Find in my room, pink not Green,... Read More

Bet Your Bottom Dollars

Yesterday’s today. The sun came out tomorrow. Beautiful morning.... Read More

The Rotting Core

Today’s Day 9 National Poetry Writing Month prompt was to write either a visual poem or calligram. A calligram is to write a poem in a specific shape or image. While... Read More

I’m Not An Elixir

Though my words are smooth I am not a unique elixir, as to be a tequila my words would have to reach ya. Therefore I’m a jimador with a humidor,... Read More

Change in My Pocket

I like to say “I am rich with words but poor with money,” as my currency is measured in likes, favorites and retweets. I like to say “I’d die a... Read More

It Was No Deal

It was no Deal yet I shopped with the Dead laid down my money for it was Night, as the selfie Belles pulled out their Phones. Twelve hours before Noon, it was the Frost on my Flesh I... Read More

Double Vision

I'm seeing double. Yet no forest through the trees. Clearly optical.... ... Read More

Love and Honor

It is not everyday that you make a big decision. I remember the day that you were born into this world, nearly eighteen years later we are setting you free. Yes I am... Read More