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Learning Wisdom

My fortune cookie. Apropos words of wisdom. A lifelong learner.... ... Read More

My Horse Bessie

Within my hands I gently caress and reign you in, steering you left and often right. Your mane, flowing in the wind I feed you corn, while your heart beats rhythmically to a new tune long-since whistled... Read More

Can you #haiku? Coming soon – a poetry contest from @GoDaddy and @ProductPoet. To celebrate National Poetry Writing Month, as well as Take A Chance Day, I am teaming up with GoDaddy on a poetry contest. Details are forthcoming, but here is a little... Read More

I’m Charming

A rhino's smooth white horn, Two owl rough claws. My blackened mortar, Four zebra stripes fall. Three boa pink feathers, One scaly shark's skin. Two jellyfish eggs, I'm dropping them in. A pistil in my hand, I'm grinding my... Read More

Friendship From Within

Are you my friend? We first met in a sandbox. Around the age of four... ...we never kept the score. I miss my friend. Are you my friend? Our hopes and dreams we shared. Wondering what we'd... Read More

From Death Within

We all know Death. She touches us in different ways. Death can come quickly... ...or be quite prolonged. We all know her. We cannot escape Death. Despite new advances. Or new medications... ...we are not resistant. We cannot escape... Read More