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From Homies to Brony

I never thought I’d be in a gang. You see I was never too cool To hang with the right group in school. There were the jocks with their smelly... Read More

City Life

Minneapolis Is An Amazing City I love my city. Day & night or black & white. Minneapolis.... Read More

Poetry Prompt: I Wrote This With You

I Wrote This With You I fear my memory with be forgotten by the sunlight. I remain curious even thought we are at a stalemate. Excuse my brevity as with... Read More

The Fresh Snow

My snow has fallen. A path being created. A new woodpecker. A doe hops in the bushes. I'm in awe of her beauty.... ... Read More

Get Up!

Unlike a leaf, if you've fallen you can still get up.... ... Read More

My nascent, parsimonious Summer.

Each Summer morning, nascent words I skim. Letters are budding, sentences forming. Through my parsimony, papers I've trimmed for digital words, I have never heard. Across my phone screen my thumbs are flicking, all the while longing for ink stained fingers, resorting... Read More

Someday, Somewhere, Somehow

Someday I hope to be free. Free from my logo Free from my anonymity. Somewhere I hope to meet you. In a warm café Over a cup of hot coffee. Somehow We know each other. You're an open book Together we'll... Read More

My Solitary

I am not that cool Nor too cool to rap. As my four digits are tapping a wood top at a local bar. I scan the large room Two girls start laughing A man talks to... Read More

Chasing Rainbows

I am swallowing a rainbow, a kaleidoscope of flavors an array of motley seven my refraction is colorful. I am choking on a rainbow, head to toe I feel warm raindrops red for love, blue for... Read More

I’m Falling

My thoughts are cascading rapidly flowing down a small crevice of my mind to a cape I'm wearing named Fear.... ... Read More