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Poem Of Deranged

Oh, give me a home where a great poet roams Where the fear and the anger do play Where nothing is heard there's no spoken word And the critics are buzzing away. Poem, poem... Read More

My Road To Recovery

My road began In March of 2009 I felt a searing pain in my right hip Alas I loaded additional weight. I went downhill One by one by two Minutes added to my journey Not knowing what... Read More

I’m Falling Down

The colors of Death are fading away.... ... Read More

Muse-eh-yum Piece

Un-sculpted body One can look but never touch Private's property.... ... Read More

I’m #AppDicted To Love

I am #AppDicted. Need your social currency. Retweets, likes, favors.... ... Read More

Green With Envy

Dawn pecked me a kiss, whispering in my ear, "Good morning, sunshine." ... ... Read More


I'm going one way You are going the other Summer's desire. ... ... Read More

Country Living

Life in the city. I'm a mouse in the country. Today's wildlife. Contributor's note: The haiku above is in response to the Georgic poetry prompt I issued yesterday. Nearly everyday I walk this path... Read More

My Fear

The alarm bells do ring, face struck with precision Not every hour, an escape route to plan With each passing second, difficult decisions For me the bell does toll, the horizon I scan. To... Read More

How To Become A Poet

In the United States, we seem to have a day or a month for pretty much everything: “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” “Administrative Assistant Day,” and even perhaps, “We Needed... Read More