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A City Poem – Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet Poetry Prompt is to write a poem about the life in your city or about the city itself. For example, I live in a suburb of... Read More

Daily Tremors

I fear one day, happy I will wake up. No longer full of angst and despair as I sipped from a forbidden gold cup filled with laughter, smiles and her prayers. Food for thoughts are my... Read More


No experience. No MFA/PhD. No Poetry U.... ... Read More

Later Gator

Grieving for you, brings me sorrow. Once burning love, gone tomorrow. Our words our bonds our great haiku. Death not erased, lost without you. Be one with me, we'll write again. Your words your bond... Read More

The Gangsta

Safety in numbers. We are: A Pack of Poets. Dubbed: The Haikuteers.... ... Read More

If I Only Had a Brain

On my three-inch by two-inch phone screen I frantically type to meet a deadline, all the while the printed paper's ink has settled into both my left and right hands, burrowing deep into my... Read More

I am Dull

Her medication. The prescription: Poetry. She's dulling my pain.... ... Read More

Tears of Heaven

I stand above her my literary edge. A Siren's beckoning call "Jump in feet first." For the first time in years my senses awakened reverberating my soul while cleansing my torn and tattered, ashen fingers. Her tears my waterfall. Refreshes my... Read More


A Super Sunday. DoubleTree cookie pancakes. Stairway to heaven. Contributor's note: When I travel with the eldest lad, as I am this weekend, we have a general rule when it comes to eating:... Read More

The Great Wall

Brick by brick and stone by stone my soft clay matter is grey. Around my brain's home, a fence ~ today you cannot break in. Your face I can't remember as December's cold and bleak. Once... Read More