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This is a haiku about a family of geese and goslings. Picture was taken on my morning walk.... Read More

Hope I am Chasing

At times my mind is exhausted. I’m chasing Hope often not found.... Read More

My Dearest Leo

I am cloaked in darkness your warmth embraces me, though you were slain in vain you burn bright in the sky. You guide me by your name a month-long fight on Main, killed was your destiny the... Read More

Leaving On A Jetplane

Early morning flight. Carried thoughts on a winglet. Without resitance.... ... Read More

An Alarming Farm

I guess it's too late to live on a farm. I would wake up the cows for morning walks, while the roosters sleep in the chicken coop. I guess it's too late to... Read More

Wake Up!

The sun is shining all the while, the prodigal son is sleeping.... Read More

Clashing Thoughts

Today I’m thinking “Am I stupid?” Should I stay or should I go now?... Read More

Cloudy With A Chance Of No Fall

“They” say snow’s coming. Don’t like them “they”. Prognosticators are flailing.... Read More

Shiver me Timbers

Today's a cold day. Daylight o'er yonder breaking. My timbers shivered.... ... Read More

The Fog

I brush away the fogged memories. Cloudy with a chance of tear falls.... ... Read More