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Erase Yourself

Erase your ease and your comfort. Life is not always pink roses.... Read More

Shiver me Timbers

Today's a cold day. Daylight o'er yonder breaking. My timbers shivered.... ... Read More

The Fog

I brush away the fogged memories. Cloudy with a chance of tear falls.... ... Read More

The Human Label

The World is placing labels each day. I'm proudly made in the U.S.... ... Read More

The Hourglass

Time shifts, like sands through the hourglass. Mind slipping into the future.... ... Read More

The Purge

I sweat, food and wine through a clogged mind. Life is not a workout, enjoy.... ... Read More

The Demise

A beautiful day. Elvis has left the building. Winter's trail burning.... ... Read More

How To Cure A Hangover

You know what they say? The best thing to cure a hangover is more wine. Wine flowing into a glass, like unfiltered water or sports drinks or a cup of steaming hot coffee. Perhaps... Read More


Winter's last hooray. Snowflakes falling on my head. Dreams of Summertime.... ... Read More

Spring’s Soon Arrival

Soon snow turns to Spring. Migratory flight patterns. Snowbirds flying North.... ... Read More