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Summer’s last deep breaths. The sun glistens off the lake. Soon changing seasons.... Read More


Temporary home. A guest I am just being. Woodpecker’s breakfast.... Read More

Tale Of Two Cities

Along the river. Two cities separated. We’re all connected. I captured this pictured while walking along Mississippi River Boulevard in Saint Paul, Minnesota. On my side is the City of... Read More

The Buried Empire

The Lost Empire of The Terracotta Army Standing in silence. An emperor’s empire. Cast terracotta. The haiku today was in response to the Baffled daily haiku challenge on Twitter. The... Read More

One Nation Under God

We Live In A Complex Nation The birch and the bees. Walk through our garden of life. One poly-nation. This haiku was for the Baffled Haiku Challenge on Twitter, where... Read More

A Muggy Day

Today Was a Bit Muggy in Minneapolis A muggy morning. In the bush a thief’s laying. A heart is stolen.... Read More

City Life

Minneapolis Is An Amazing City I love my city. Day & night or black & white. Minneapolis.... Read More

Page Turner: Poem of The Day

Today’s Poem of The Day: Words are just like paint. Paper is just like canvas. Both paint a picture. © The Product Poet ?... Read More

Day 15: NaPoWriMo – I Would Di For You

I Would Di For You We should give it a try and let us roll the di. You should roll one for me and one for you, so we could di... Read More

Day 14: NaPoWriMo – My Thoughts Swing

My Thoughts Swing Higher and higher I fly on life’s swing Not playing well in the silicate box. My thoughts come crashing down to the soft ground I ponder life... Read More