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Day 13: NaPoWriMo – Revenge

I have never quite understood the phrase “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” as the warmth of blood provides the happiness of a silent steak dinner after he’s bludgeoned... Read More

Day 9: NaPoWriMo – What’s Your Name?

I always dreaded morning role call. “Mike,” asked the substitute teacher. “Here,” bellowed the pre-pubescent boy. “Beth,” said the monotone teacher. “Present,” giggled the ten year-old girl. “Clarence,” smirked the... Read More

Another Ode to Cinnabon

C is for Cinnabon, I Need you right Now. As your Bon, this One Needs to right now. Today on Twitter, my friends at Cinnabon asked their followers to give them... Read More

Rage Inside The Glass

Rage is like a light. Constantly burning inside. Through the looking glass. This haiku was in response to a tweet that that I received from Haiku Hare: Do not go... Read More

Today’s Fill

Fill me up with words. Caress my tattered pages. Please tickle my spine.... Read More

Winter’s First Day

Ice upon the pond. The sounds of frolicking swans. Frozen memories.... Read More

The Ripple Effect

The chill in the air. Upon myself reflecting. A ripple effect.... Read More

My Life

My life moves quickly, suddenly stops. Allergies prevent smelled flowers.... Read More

She Is Dying

As green fades to brown, she is dying. Slowly Mother Earth does exhale.... Read More