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An Ode to Gain

Gain an edge, so you can't lose. Awesome scents, many to choose. Inside my wash, you're there for me. Need you now, for my laundry. Photo source... ... Read More

An Ode to Bounty

B is for Bounty, my quicker picker upper. One paper towel, cleans up my messy supper. Unlike the others, you don't cease to amaze me. No other towels, can bring me such cleaning... Read More

An Ode To P&G: Your Amazing Brands, Fulfill My Demands.

An Ode to P&G: Your Amazing Brands, Fulfill My Demands Eighteen Thirty Seven ‘Twas a very good year; A partnership was born Eliciting great cheer. How I love thee, my P&G. One making candles The other making... Read More

An Ode to Downy

Nineteen sixty one A very good year; You were introduced To much fanfare cheer. My laundry confession, my laundry... ... Read More