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Love Reese’s? Then you’ll love this new spread.

As part of my continued effort to find the best darn products to eat, drink or wear, I recently received from Influenster, a complimentary sample of the new Reese's Peanut... Read More

Do you love cheesecake? Muddy Paws can’t be beat.

Each and everyone us has a "go-to" dessert when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. Some of use sneak pieces of candy during the day (note: this is not... Read More

My Review of The Burger King Loo

loo - (n). a bathroom or toilet. How many times have you walked into a restaurant and you really need to use the facilities (fancy word for toilet or bathroom)? For... Read More

My Watch Evolution

The first watch I can remember ever getting was a Swatch Watch. Maybe I just liked it for it's rhyming name, but back in the 80's, well before the word... Read More

How I fell in love with Jack Black

About ten years ago I was introduced to Jack Black and I immediately fell in love. I loved the way that Jack Black felt on my chapped lips, especially his Natural... Read More

If you don’t know Mitscoots, you should.

The first step of any addiction is to admit that one has a problem. Well I have a problem. I am addicted to socks. I first became addicted to socks... Read More