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A City Poem – Poetry Prompt

Today's The Product Poet Poetry Prompt is to write a poem about the life in your city or about the city itself. For example, I live in a suburb of... Read More

Today’s Horrorscope

Today's The Product Poet Poetry Prompt is to write a "Horrorscope" poem based upon your zodiac sign. For example, I'm a Leo, so a simple haiku might be as follows: Dreaming... Read More

“Sleep” – National Poetry Month – Erasure Prompt

At night, in June, the moon. Exhales softly the quiet music on the grave; the wave the fog The rest; the lake i take, awake. sleep with her ! O, lady o the night wanton bodi in and out, And fully fri g id thy slumb'ring soul lies o'er the lady dreaming of the garden ! Strange all silentless! sleep ! Oh, sleep, be... Read More

An Open Letter to Mother Earth – National Poetry Month – Day 22 Prompt

Dear Mother Earth, We are sorry. We are sorry for your disrepair. We are sorry for neglecting you. We are sorry for your desolation. We are sorry for treating you bad. I am sorry. We are thankful. We... Read More

National Poetry Month: Day 21 Prompt – My Fortune

Modern Day Lines For the Fortune CookiesI think you're wonderful and I liked you on Facebook.Just as Kim Kardashian is having Kanye's baby, so will you - you gold digger.You... Read More

Blindness From Within

When you close your eyes, tell me what you hear... imagine a time, with vision unclear. No faces to see, nor a car to drive... ...always needing help, while others deprive. Going for... Read More

Great Fall in China

I began to climb, China's wonder of the world, an amazing day, cracking my head like an egg. Am I now Humpty Dumpty?... ... Read More