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Need something yummy? Head to Brasa Rotisserie.

On Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota is a restaurant that Adam Richman of Man vs. Food described as one of the top five meal in America. Brasa Restaurant is... Read More

Need A Romantic Dinner? Check out W.A. Frost.

Located in the Cathedral Hill area of Saint Paul, Minnesota, you will find one of my favorite, romantic restaurants in the Twin Cities, in W.A. Frost and Company. Proudly serving Twin... Read More

Hey Bub’s? Ugly Never Looked So Good

Just off of Main Street in Old Town Carmel, Indiana, you will find possibly one of the best tasting and largest hamburgers you will ever encounter at Bub's Burgers &... Read More

Pieology Pizzeria Will Please Ya

Today I had the opportunity to visit Pieology Pizzeria in St. Paul Minnesota's Highland Park neighborhood. This location opened on October 28th and is owned by Minnesota Vikings player Matt... Read More

Afrah + Shawarma = Pure Bliss

When I travel around the United States, I resort to looking up new and exciting restaurants that I wouldn't otherwise find. My trusty sidekick is my eldest lad who is... Read More

My Review of The Burger King Loo

loo - (n). a bathroom or toilet. How many times have you walked into a restaurant and you really need to use the facilities (fancy word for toilet or bathroom)? For... Read More