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Unearthing Yourself

Sometimes we regress. Dig yourself out of a hole. Wisdom unearthing.... Read More

I Feel Small

I miss The City. I’m so close yet I’m so far. Minneapolis... Read More

Skipping Thoughts

I have no malice. Hatred is unlikable. I’ve no stones t... Read More

To Depart

Hasta la vista. Winter soon shoved out the door. Smell of Spring's flowers.... ... Read More


Winter's last hooray. Snowflakes falling on my head. Dreams of Summertime.... ... Read More

To Soar Higher

Faster and faster. Today an empty swing set. Life moves rapidly.... ... Read More

Good Morning Sun

Beautiful morning The sun shines brightly today Just like your smile.... ... Read More

To Frighten

I frighten myself. My reflection is smiling. Feigned yet once again.... ... Read More