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An Ode To @Twittter

T is for Twitter We Interact Today Tomorrow Effortlessly. Retweet.... ... Read More

I’m #AppDicted To Love

I am #AppDicted. Need your social currency. Retweets, likes, favors.... ... Read More

Dear Subway: I love you, but…

I confess. I love Subway. I love their chicken breast flatbread sandwich, toasted, with extra meat, lettuce, pickles,banana peppers and a dash of black pepper. If I’m in the mood to mix... Read More

Summer Letter

To my love Autumn: With your reddish, brown hair, Soon I will leave you, Fond memories locked away. I remember our first moment, A late June walk, A slight Spring in your step, Beneath a lush, green... Read More

Dear Twitter

I'm having a much better @Twitter day than yesterday.As a follow from yesterday’s post, I’m having a bad Twitter day, it appears that calm and order have been restored to... Read More

I’m Having A Bad Twitter Day

Oh where, oh where, have my followers gone, oh where, oh where can they be?I’m having a bad day.It started off with a slightly pinched nerve, followed by having to... Read More

My Neck Hurts From Whiplash.

In addition to my day job, as well as continuing to write a fair amount or haikus and poems, I’ve been busy connecting networks to both Klout and Influenster to try... Read More

Dear Social Mediu Gurus: Got Influence?

PHOTO: THE PRODUCT POET Return on Influence? What about Return on Poetry? I’m not sure about you, but I’ve recently become fascinated by all of the various sites that are trying to... Read More

My Take on Chalk Thoughts

I am a coffee shop fiend. For many of us, we likely spend a fair amount of time in coffee shops. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the smell of freshly ground coffee... Read More