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Rotten from Within

Our total dejection. The White House in shambles. Our Nation's complexion. Political scrambles. The gridlock in D.C. Our total confusion. No one is wrong or right. Magical illusions. The great Puppeteer's plight. Traffic jams surround me. Our total frustration. New bills... Read More

Corrupt From Within

The paint is peeling. Underneath white bricks. A failing ceiling. Help up by wood sticks. I am watching the decay. The white egg is cracked. Oval shape askew. A house was ransacked. A perfected coup. I am watching in... Read More

Anger From Within

April the Fifteenth, comes every year... ...much pain this day brings, my emotions I check. With much certainty, without fanfare cheer... ...blood pressure rising, an aching stiff neck. Birth, death and taxes, are my... Read More