When it comes to donuts (or is that doughnuts), I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth. Too many times when I “needed” to stop to get some gas or coffee, I have snuck a maple glazed donut. Usually the doughnut is ate by the time I pay for my gas and walk back to my car. I figure if there is no evidence, it didn’t really happen right? Outside of gas station donuts (and yes I am purposely changing the spelling) there are many great places in the Twin Cities to buy a single or a dozen doughnuts.

I recently had the opportunity to pick up a dozen donuts for a business meeting and on my way to my office, I passed by Bogart’s Doughnuts in south Minneapolis. I have had their spectacular donuts before, especially the Nutella filled sugar rolled donut, which is just a wonderful way to start a day (or end the night if you would like). As I checked in to Bogart’s Doughnuts on my Swarm App, I noticed that it was mentioned in my Foursquare app (they are related) that Bogart’s was ranked the 5th best place to get a donut in Minneapolis. With so many lists available ranking restaurants, coffee and donut shops, I thought I would start sharing some of these lists for you to read.

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As I live in a suburb on the “Right Side of The River” (also called Saint Paul), this list only includes those in the Minneapolis area and you can find the full list of 15 on Foursquare here. In addition to this list, two other Donut shops that are making quality doughnuts are Granny Donuts on Robert Street in West St. Paul and Donut Star in Eagan. Without a doubt, check them out.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Best Place to Get a Donut in Minneapolis as curated by Foursquare users:

10. Wise Acre Eatery: “The doughnut muffin is even better than it sounds. New favorite pastry in MSP! -Kate Sommers”

9. Chef Shack Ranch: “Great food, don’t forget the donuts! -Garrett Caldwell”

8. Cafe & Bar Lurcat: “The mini donuts are divine! -Nicole Park”

7. Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market: “The mini donuts from Chef Shack are some of the best I have ever tasted. -Tom Horgen”

6. Mill City Farmers Market: “Mini donuts @ Chef Shack!! They’ll change your life! -Nathan Clark”

5. Bogart’s Doughnut Co.: “The brown butter glazed doughnuts are out of this world. Oh, and they have super good coffee, too! -Leon Van Eck”

4. Sarah Jane’s Bakery: “try the square buttercream donut -chris hatch”

3. Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar: “Bacon on a donut? YES! -Donald Dimond”

2. A Baker’s Wife & Pastry: “The cake donuts and chocolate croissants are delicious! Of course so is everything else!! -Jeremy Daus”

1. Glam Doll Donuts: “These donuts are NOT your ordinary donuts. Some topped with bacon and some filled with cream cheese goodness. You must stop in!!! -Frank Curro”

Out of these Top 10 Best Blaces to Get a Donut in Minneapolis, I have been to Cafe & Bar Lurcat and Bogart’s Doughnut Co., so I guess I have a little work to do to find the best doughnut not just in Minneapolis, but for all the Twin Cities. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit one of these locations, but more importantly find the perfect donut that is not only right for you, but me too.