The Poet


Winter's last hooray. Snowflakes falling on my head. Dreams of Summertime.... ... Read More

Spring’s Soon Arrival

Soon snow turns to Spring. Migratory flight patterns. Snowbirds flying North.... ... Read More

A Celebration of Pi

On March 14th, all around World we will celebrating all things Pi, but I am not talking about the tasty baked pie that grandma always made for me dessert and... Read More


Underneath the twinkling white stars I stood motionless like a tree, struck by the thunderous rainfall of the gunslinger's epitaph. Cut like a knife ~ words bulletized, a cozy reminder of faith like a bed of... Read More

The Snapshot

Take a new picture that you'll remember today. Frozen memories.... ... Read More

Today’s Escape

Time to get away. Escape from reality. Literarily.... ... Read More