The Storyteller

The Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush: Review in Haiku

Last summer I received for free for testing purposes, the Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush. Although I used this awesome BBQ grill brush last summer, as well as throughout the... Read More

Home Sweet Home

There’s no place like home. All over the world traveled. In your arms tonight.... Read More

Today’s Fill

Fill me up with words. Caress my tattered pages. Please tickle my spine.... Read More

Winter’s First Day

Ice upon the pond. The sounds of frolicking swans. Frozen memories.... Read More

The Ripple Effect

The chill in the air. Upon myself reflecting. A ripple effect.... Read More

Alphabet Photography – My Creation and Review

There have been many times when I have walked through a mall or an art fair, where I have seen various forms of pictures that resemble letters spelled into words.... Read More

Torchy’s Tacos: A Texas Treat to Eat

This past week took my travels to Austin, Texas. As I had never been to Austin before, I turned to two trusted resources to seek out things to do and... Read More