Recently voted yet once again as one of the top local restaurants in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, this past weekend I enjoyed an exceptional meal at The Strip Club Meat and Fish restaurant.

If you have never been to this St. Paul gem of a restaurant, you surely are missing out on an amazing meal. Located in Dayton’s Bluff area of St. Paul, next to Metro State University, The Strip Club, with its blackened windows, might appear from the outside as more of a gentlemen’s club (get it, The Strip Club) versus an unbelievable restaurant; however, don’t let the red lamps of the outside lights distract you from the gastronomic experience that awaits you courtesy of owner Tim Niver.

As this was my first time visiting The Strip Club, I really didn’t know what to expect for ambience or food. My dinner club partners had previously been to The Strip Club before, which of course what they’ve been raving about for the past year. However, to get into the restaurant at 7:30pm on a Saturday night, we had to make reservations nearly a month ago. So if you’re a walk-in procrastinator like me, you certainly have the possibility of walking away un-fed and hungry.


For the small shares,  or more commonly known as appetizers, we had the Pork Belly, served with carrot, daikon , chilies and lime; the Crispy Fried Vegetables, the Tartare au Levant (fancy name for steak tartare) and Fried Cauliflower. Out of the four different small shares, we really enjoyed the Tartare au Levant and the Pork Belly the most. While I don’t dig on swine, my table mates found it divine.

After eating our small shares in about 15 seconds flat, we partook in some exceptional local craft brews from Bad Weather Brewing, as well as the Left Handed Milk Stout “Nitro”. We then moved on the main course, two of us opted for the 10 oz. New York Strip, grass-fed steaks served with a side poached carrots. The other two opted for the hanger steak special, which was immediately devoured. While I would have preferred my steak to be more medium-rare, the medium cooked temperature was exquisitely cooked, with a perfect sear on the outside and a nice pink center on the inside. As for sides and sauces, we also had several orders of brussels sprouts, which were cooked to perfection (not too hard, not too soft) with turnips and bell peppers. While I would have certainly loved to take some exceptional pictures of our main courses, I just decided to jump in fork first and before I could snap off a picture or three, my plate was suddenly empty.

And if our small shares and main course meals weren’t enough, there were three different types of desserts on the menu; however Tim sold us on an amazing butterscotch pot de creme, which was a wonderful smorgasbord of flavors that delicately complimented this terrific meal. Topped off with a cup of coffee and I was pleasantly stuffed with not only food, but visions of the next time that I will get to visit The Strip Club.

The the next time you’re in town, heed my call, head to The Strip Club, in St. Paul. Here is my full review in haiku:

I love The Strip Club
The meats were tenderly sweet
Five out of five stars.

The Strip Club Meat and Fish Restaurant is located at 378 Maria Avenue, St. Paul, MN. Telephone number is 651-793-6247. Dinner hours are Tuesday – Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm; Friday and Saturday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm’ and Sunday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. The Menu can be found here. Do me a favor and follow The Strip Club on Twitter here and like their Facebook page here.