I’m not sure about you, but getting my youngest lad to use any type of helmet is often times a challenge. There have been many times where I’ve seen him race down our street, without a helmet on, only for him to hear my screams at the top of my lungs to get back into the house. When I would ask him why he wasn’t wearing his helmet his response was always, “My helmet doesn’t look cool.”

While this is a horrible excuse for not wearing a bicycle helmet or ski helmet, he no longer has the same excuse thanks to his Red Spike Pogginz. So what is a Pogginz? Pogginz is a United States company that makes some very cool helmet accessories that can easily be attached to any smooth surfaced helmet.

To put your Pogginz onto your child’s helmet, it’s a simple four step process; however, I would recommend you clean the helmet of any dirt or debris like I had to on my lad’s ski helmet. Once your surface is cleaned and dried, peel off the paper backing, securely place your Pogginz onto the desired, flat smooth position of the helmet. Next, press down firmly so that the adhesive can properly secured to the helmet. Lastly, have your child put their helmet and watch as all the kids in the neighborhood or ski slope become green with envy for having such a cool helmet.

Pogginz packaging

On the Pogginz Etsy site you can currently find nine different colors and styles that are available, so be sure to collect them all as many of the designs are interchangeable depending on the mood of your child. All of the Pogginz are either $14.99 or $15.99, which is quite the bargain if you are looking to dress up your child’s helmet.

So the next time any of your lads or girls say that there bike helmet isn’t cool enough, head on over to the Pogginz website and give them a try. You’re one simple click away from your buy: Pogginz.

Thanks to Pogginz I received a complimentary Pogginz for testing purposes, however all of the opinions of this post are entirely mine. You can follow Pogginz on Twitter by clicking here and liking their Facebook page by clicking here.