Normally when a brand unfollows me on Twitter, I don’t utilize their products. However, when it comes to Chipotle I will make an exception as I really love eating their salads.

Let me step back in time as I also really enjoyed a double-wrapped burrito. Double-wrapped, you say? Yes, it is one of the options that many people do not know is available and especially comes in handy if you request a double meat portion. However at 300 calories alone for the burrito, a double-wrapped is just a little too much for me to eat today. In fact, I may limit myself to just one or two burritos a year, as I really just enjoy the salad bowl.

My salad bowl starts with a 2.5 ounces of leafy green romaine salad. Now one also has the option of brown rice or white rice and black or pinto beans. I skip both the rice and beans, but did you also know that you can request rice WITHOUT the cilantro? This is another option available for those non-cilantro eating Chipotleans. I then next move on to the fajita veggies, which includes green peppers and onions. The fajita veggies are a great low-caloric options for anyone interested in providing a little more mass to your salad and less “gas” to your salad.

Now it’s on to the meats, which consist of chicken, steak, barbacoa, carnitas and if you are lucky, sofritos. I really like sofritas, but the closest location for me to get this vegetarian option is about 250 miles away and that is just a little too far away for me to drive.

Therefore, as I continue to be a selectarian ~ one day meat, the other day veggies ~ I simply go with chicken. I never eat the steak and I don’t “dig on swine,” so no pork for me. I always ask for double portions of meat, which is only another two ounces of chicken,  but really provides for a nice, meaty salad. Lastly I top it off with the red tomatillo salsa. I always skip the sour cream and guacamole as I find those better suited for nachos, not my salad.

So when I leave Chipotle, I have only eaten a 415 calorie salad, with a whopping 67 (g) of protein and a very low 10 (g) of carbohydrates. I offset nearly 1300 (mg) of sodium by drinking plenty of water during lunch and for the next several hours.

Chipotle Salad

This simple salad bowl is simply how I roll.