Twitter Stickers Give Your Photos Bling Glitter

This morning during my walk with my puppy Charlie, I was about to tweet a picture when I noticed a smiley face next to the edit button. I said to myself, “Self, Twitter stickers are sweet and neat.”

When you click on the smiley face, a variety of featured stickers will suddenly appear before your eyes. You have the ability to select a sticker, pinch to zoom in or out and you can even rotate the sticker.

Twitter stickers

For the featured image in this post, I was able to put four stickers on to my photo of my Panerai timepiece. But here is the coolest part about Twitter stickers. When you look at a photo on Twitter, if you click on the sticker, it will bring you to a curated listing of the top tweets or all tweets that are using this sticker.

Stickering isn’t necessarily a novel approach as I’ve used stickers on Foursquare as well as searched by emoji in Instagram, but what is very interesting for me will be the ability to search for users using a sticker. That’s a pretty cool tool if you ask me.

In looking at the search history of various Twitter stickers, it seems that “Stickers by Twitter” was launched within the past 24 hours. Now if you don’t have stickering ability yet, don’t fret. I hope soon that Twitter rolls out Twitter stickers to the masses. That way you can start stickering your glasses.