About two years ago, I was traveling in Washington, D.C. for a work related function. As I was sitting in a meeting with a rather monotone sounding lawyer, I became fixated with the tie that he was wearing. The tie was colorful, but what I noticed more than the colors, were the tiny whales on the tie.

The lawyers voice sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown (wah-wah-wah) and I really wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying, but when he asked me any questions, I blurted out, “Who makes your tie?”

Taken aback, he muttered, “Vineyard Vines.”

Clearly his tie was more important to me than the matters we were discussing, so on the top of my relatively note-less piece of paper, I scribbled down the name, Vineyard Vines. Later that evening, I went to their website www.vineyardvines.com and discovered a very stylish, colorful range of clothing for men, women and children.


Once I discovered Vineyard Vines, I was hooked like a fish captured off of Martha’s Vineyard. However, being that Vineyard Vines is mainly located on the East Coast of the United States (closest store to me is in Chicago, Illinois), I’ve had so many people comment on the cute “whale” that adorns my chest. They had never seen, nor heard of Vineyard Vines, so I would quickly tell them the story of how I “discovered” Vineyard Vines and how much I adore their products.


Although my relationship with Vineyard Vines started approximately two years ago, the story of Vineyard Vines started in 1998, when brothers Ian and Shep Murray grew tired of the corporate lifestyle and decided that they would rather enjoy “selling ties than wearing ties.” They had their own independence day on July 3rd of that year and quickly sold-out 800 ties. The ties that they created reminded them of the times they had spent during the summers on Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, the one and only time I have been to Martha’s Vineyard was in 2007 and of what I recall, Vineyard Vines clothing reminds me of the brief time I spent on the island. Bold bright colors, with a nautical feel, clearly represent Vineyard Vines in a their clothing,

Even as I sit here writing this review, I am currently wearing two Vineyard Vines pieces of clothing: a long-sleeve, grey polo shirt and a “whale” of a belt. In fact, between myself and my eldest lad, we have approximately 40 pieces of clothing from Vineyards. To date, I’ve been relatively happy about the quality of the clothing, only having two different issues. Once a zipper had broke on a sweater and then a seem had ripped on a polo shirt. However, have no fear, because the customer service at Vineyard Vines is exceptional. Once I notified the company of the issues, I was able to send back both defective pieces of clothing FREE and they issued me a full credit for both pieces. Sadly, one of the sweaters I had to return was one of my favorites, yet they not longer carried it in-stock.

Vineyard Vines is a wonderful American accessory and clothing company that I proudly would wear on any given day. From head to toe, I always feel confident knowing that I am wearing such a stylish brand of clothing. Please check out the full video of the Vineyard Vines story (hint – it’s down below). So the next time that you want to be dressed to the nines, please check out Vineyard Vines.