So I recently came across a new company called Upsie. So what the heck is an Upsie? The only time I ever have even heard of this term was when I would lift up my lads over my head saying, “Upsy-daisy.” And according to, the definition of upsy-daisy is “used, as for reassurance, at the moment of lifting a baby up.”

But this Upsie is more about the reassurance that we as consumers need when it comes to warrantying new products such as smartphones, electronics, appliances and outdoor tools. No longer can we be subjected to the high-price insurance protection plans offered directly by such retailers such as Best Buy and Apple, when all one has to do is download the Upsie app from the Apple store and the Android market.

So today I downloaded the application on to my iPhone. While I would prefer to utilize social sign-ins with a Twitter or Facebook account, the initial signing up process is relatively simple. The only downside I would see from some consumers is the need to initially input your credit card information for potential warranty purchases (note: American Express is not currently accepted).

However, even before you sign up for an Upsie account, you can get a sense for the products that can be warrantied through Upsie. For example, I was able to get pricing on an Apple iPhone for $44.99 for two years of protection. Now I wasn’t sure which of the Apple iPhones I was selecting, so a cool option that Upsie allows you to do is to scan in the UPC of the item you are about to purchase.

But when I was checking around for equivalent pricing, I was shocked that many other competitors were charging approximately $159.99 to $199.00 for very similar service. Granted, having previously worked in the financial services industry, I understand how profitable these insurance products can be for retailers given the fact that often times many “insurance policies” never get utilized and they expire without any warranty claims ever being utilized by the consumer.

So can this start up company in Minneapolis really be that disruptive to these retailers? Perhaps they can, but for now, at least us consumers don’t have to feel pressured at the point of sale to purchase an extended warranty. All Upsie warranties are provided through New Leaf Service Contracts, which is an A.M. Best A- rated insurance company and are underwritten by Dealers Assurance Company.

So the next time you are purchasing a smartphone, television, refrigerator or a lawn mower, you really owe it to yourself to check out Upsie through the iTunes store here or through the Google play market here. Lastly, check out this video to get a really good sense of the change that you can bring into your pocket. All the reassurance you need, is through Upsie indeed.